I am 17 years old and got fired...Need advice for new job?


I got a job about one year ago as a restaurant dishwasher and busboy now I live in a small very rural farm town (Ohio) and their are not many businesses around.I worked at a small diner that is located by my house the diner is a very small restaurant in a very historic 200 year old building just about every worker is a minor and we had 15 workers everyone that works here lives here in town and some go to my school I did everything I was supposed to do my boss always complimented on my work.

Update 2:

but he would leave hours before closing time in the evening every night leaving all minors to close the entire restaurant and made every-one clock out while we are still working off the clock we would all work many hours off the clock so a girl that worked at the diner with me told her parents and they called the police and they came down to my work they asked everyone what was happening and when every one told the police they said what my boss was doing was very illegal.He fired me 

Update 3:

He (my boss) fired me and (5 other people) for telling the police he called and yelled at each one of our parents on the phone.Was this legal? I live in Ohio. Is going on my record?

Update 4:

He (my boss) said that we "Snitched" on him he even said that we should of never of told on him.The police said that my boss was in the wrong.

Update 5:

This has been going for about 10 months

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  • I think he can't fire you when you're working for free, which is what working off the clock means. You should have quit / left that job a long time ago, specially if you knew some thing fishy was going on. What your boss was doing is illegal, he's not paying you and having minors work for him. You did snitch on him when the cops were called. Don't bother using your boss as a reference. 

    If there's a labor board or some where that you can report his business to then do so.

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  • 8 months ago

    Class action lawsuit for wrongful termination by you and the co-workers.  He can't make you work without pay.   You should have documented the hours along with the co-workers, gotten your parents to confirm your actual leave time for awhile to document wrongdoing, then sued. Police can't do anything in this, its a civil suit. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You will have problems forever if you snitch on your boss. Keep your mouth shut and do your job.

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