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Who is going to replace Mauricio Pochettino at spurs?

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  • August
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    2 weeks ago
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    Spurs confirmed that Jose Mourinho is their new manager. Good news for the neutrals here and a red flag to others. Should be interesting to hear what he thinks about VAR and his new players lack of effort this season 

  • 2 weeks ago

    you might get detail here

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Noooo one... he will remain

  • James
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    2 weeks ago

    The most boring man in football , he is surly and miserable.

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  • Mourinho is the current favourite to land the position, which would be all kinds of hilarious.

  • Ryan
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    3 weeks ago

    KC says Mourinho but he wouldn't touch the job unless he is guaranteed money to spend. Their EPL season looks all but dead but they can still have another good season in Europe. Whoever it is must be close to joining I don't see them sacking Poch without a successor already lined up

  • 3 weeks ago

    Probably Mourinho, he would stamp out their small-club mentality problem once and for all and make them a serious powerhouse for at least a year or two. It doesn't even matter if he fails in year three, if he wins a title in his first two years then he has changed Spurs forever because they desperately need one. And you'd put good money on Mourinho getting them in the top  two at least once. Look what he achieved making the laughable Man Utd team finishing above the likes of Spurs and Liverpool.  If City didn't get a freakishly large 100 points then United would have probably won the league. 

  • ..
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    3 weeks ago

    Sam Allardyce would be a good choice.....😀

  • BJJ
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    3 weeks ago

    No idea  , but the sacking was just a matter of time with the teams performance lately 

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