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Amanda asked in Food & DrinkCooking & Recipes · 8 months ago

Did I overcooked the pot roast or is it just not ready yet?

Ok, I am slow cooking it in the electric multi pressure cooker..low pressure and low's been cooking since about 10 am and I browned it too...i.checked on it and the potatoes are almost done and carrots are getting there but the meat is still tough..did I do.something wrong ? How.soon does the meat start to pull off?

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  • 7 months ago

    Cook using  bamboo steamer.

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  • 8 months ago

    If you are almost ready for dinner and it is not tender pull out the veggies and leave the meat in and pressure cook it for about 10 to  15 minutes.  Since it is hot and everything in the pot is hot it will not take long to get to pressure. 

    You could do a quick release of the pressure after the time is up.  

    If the veggies are already tender you do not want to leave them in while you pressure cook or they will be over cooked.,

    • Amanda
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      8 months agoReport

      Thanks,.but it just needed more time phew's getting more.tender 

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