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What style of kung fu is most practical for modern fighting?

What style(s) of kung fu is practical/realistic in today's modern forms of fighting? Like compared to mma, muay thai, boxing, etc.

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    Based on your additional detail, would you define "modern fighting" as acclimated for use in the ring/octagon, or competition otherwise? If so, then you wouldn't necessarily want something traditional, but rather, something catered for competition or easily translated to competition. Off hand, I would think of Sanda / San Shou.

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    Wing Chun for one on one fighting. Hun Gar teaches the animal forms and some very practical drills like eye gouges /snake strikes. Southern schools teach the low stance and power strikes- very good for defense/offense, ShoRei Ryu/Shoalin

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    I wasn't aware that modern fighting exist?  Last time i checked everyone has two arms and two legs, two eyes, a neck, and groin.  What exactly is modern fighting?

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    Guns. Guns always win.

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