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Can worms go away on their  own in cats?

I have a cat who has gotten worms a few times since we got her. When they showed up the other times they were constant until we gave her worm medication from the vet. We planned to keep her on it every month since she is prone to getting them, but ended up moving to the city and haven’t been able to get the vet switched yet. A few days ago I seen worms in her poop once again, but it was only in one piece of poop, and there has been none since. The litter is cleaned every day and there has been no more at all. And that was last Friday. Can they go away on their  own? Or could she still have them and their just not showing up anymore yet. Just wondering. We’re getting her out back on medication monthly one my mom gets back from her trip.


We got dewormer for both the cats. Thanks everyone for your actual helpful answers and to the smart a**** who answered, hope you feel better about yourselves. I was planning to get dewormer the whole time I was just curious because I know nothing about worms in cats and was curious. Thank you all

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes, after the cat dies from parasites.

    Fleas can bring this on, then health degrades, then serious lethargy followed by death.

  • 1 year ago

    We have the same problem, Brook.

    Our cat gets a flea maybe once in a blue moon and I guess it's the unlucky infected one as our vet has told us.

    Conventional medication will ruin your cat's gut flora and gradually suppress his immune system that he needs to fight the invaders. 

    Have you tried garlic remedies?

    Some cats can't tolerate garlic, so you must use pre-caution. Fleas and worms can't stand garlic and leave pretty quickly, however it is also not a guarantee they won't come back.

    Diatomaceous earth (food grade only) temporary solves worm problem when added to the food (about a pinch)

    HomeoPet wrm clear - works perfectly on our female cat. It's a natural herbal remedy that creates environment where worms can not live. 

    I get it from chewy along with frozen pet food.

  • Ocimom
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    1 year ago

    Worms don't magically disappear.  Sounds like your cat has tapeworms and they come from fleas.  So your cat will keep getting infected unless you treat the cause of the worms.

  • Laura
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    1 year ago

    No, worms do not go away on their own. 

    Your cat keeps getting worms because your cat most likely has fleas.  When your cat eats a worm egg infected flea, your cat gets worms. 

    I recommend using a quality flea product from your vet monthly.  A cat should not be on worming medication regularly because this is more harmful than the flea medication, if your cat doesn't have worms and you give them a worming medication they can get really sick. 

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  • Maxi
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    1 year ago

    No worms do not go away on their own and will cause the cats to become very seriously ill as they will affect the cats internal organs and as the cats have worms they also have fleas and that is likely why they keep getting worms even when treated, because fleas lay eggs in your house you have a flea infested house you need to deal with

  • 1 year ago

    Got rid of my own cats worms by screaming "Go away" into her ear as loud as I could.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If you shout in your cats ear you can actually scare them away, they will crawl to the cats rectal area and the cat will defecate them out. Alternatively, headphones on the cats head, Metallica at 9

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