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How do I prepare to act in a short film? ?

I got cast in a short film, but I've never acted for the camera before. I've only ever acted on a stage. Any advice on how to prepare? What should I focus on? 

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    Congrats on being cast. The most important (and obvious) advice I can give you, is to really know your lines. Inside-out, and 100% thoroughly off the page. Get someone to practice with you, even if it's not other cast members.

    For filming, conserve your energy. You'll be doing multiple takes of the same thing until the director is happy. Learn about eyelines, hitting your mark, and 'cheating' the frame. Know how to repeat the same movement in a take, unless instructed otherwise by the director. On top of all that, relax! The more relaxed you appear, the more natural you'll be on screen.

    Usually, you'll rehearse a scene - called blocking - for the crew and director to work out camera moves. Then you might have a practice take, maybe two, followed by a real one. Keep your center and try not to overthink what everyone else is doing. You have to pretend only you and the other cast is there, not crew, cameras, lighting and other equipment. That takes commitment.

    Lastly, if you are on a radio mic and need to use the bathroom in between takes, remember to switch it off before you go lol. Have fun.

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