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Awkward situation?

Got a new job last year and once I made some acquaintances at work, we added one another on Facebook. I got noisy and noticed they had Twitter accounts, so I ended up following a few of them. I never put my personal info on these other social media accounts, and I never reached out to my co-workers that it was me. After liking and retweeting some of their posts, one of them reached out to me and we messaged each other every now and then. I got tired of Twitter and then also felt guilty for trolling/ghosting this person I knew at work, so I eventually locked my account and deleted it. Several months after this has happened, they messaged me on Facebook and called me out on it, but I don't know how they figured it out unless they noticed the shared pictures. I hate confrontation and just want to ignore the situation because of the awkwardness, but I know I'm in the wrong. Just wanted advice on how to handle this?

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  • LP7
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    9 months ago

    Time to come to Jesus meeting.You will be a better person for it.It's the past catching up.Meet it head on knowing it's temporary and who knows might make a real friend.

  • 9 months ago

    Truth is most often the best policy. Tell them you were wrong and that's why you stopped doing it.

    Don't do to others what you hate. The Golden Rule will keep you honest...good luck.

  • 9 months ago

    All you do is ignore them.

    Now and forever.

    If possible delete the FB account.

  • 9 months ago

    "I deleted my Twitter account recently. I followed a lot of people so it's possible I did follow you. What of it?"

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  • y
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    9 months ago

    There is no way to handle it but head on. You screwed up, you played games, you own, admit, and apologize for it. 

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