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Do you think this was sexual harassment by our boss?

I work for a small department of a large company. There are 11 other women in our department. I really enjoy my job mostly because of our great boss and great co workers. Our boss sees that we are well paid and well trained. He is good friend of all of use. We love to joke around with him and he loves for us to do it.

One day at a staff meeting Carol said “Boss, the next person you hire someone, make it a great looking young guy that likes older women”. He said “I will keep your suggestion in mine the next time I hire a new employee”. “You want me to change my previous qualification for only hiring beautiful women with a D cup or larger”?

We all had a HUGE laugh at that. We were still laughing in the employee lounge when people from other departments told us we were subject to sexual harassment. If we were bring it on. We want MORE of it.

Do you thing we were subject to sexual harassment?

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  • rick
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    8 months ago
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    Your boss was sexually harassed by the person asking him to hire a man. It made him uncomfortable, and resulted in a questionable reply. He was harassed,NOT you.

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  • Linda
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    8 months ago

    It was funny but other departments might not understand. Keep it on the low with just your department from now on.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Sexual Harassment is not a cut and dried definition.  What one person considers Sexual Harassment is not necessarily Sexual Harassment to another.  

    Yes, the comments were sexual in nature, and Yes, they COULD be construed as Sexual Harassment, but - and here is the main point - If YOU do not feel Harassed or if YOU do not feel that you are demeaned in any way by the statement and NO ONE ELSE in the group is feeling in any way 'uncomfortable' about having to sit through those comments, then no, there is no sexual harassment.  BUT keep this in mind, just because someone in your group laughs along with you does not mean they condone and are not uncomfortable in the doing.  

    I worked for the state and we had regular meetings about Sexual Harassment and the main clue is that "If it makes ANYONE uncomfortable to hear it, it can be considered to be sexual harassment."  Before you blow it off as unimportant, be sure how your co-workers feel.  

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