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I want to contact the suicide hotline, but I don’t want them calling the police on me. What should I avoid saying?

One time they did call the police on a friend.

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    hey man, good ******* on you for calling. i mean that from the bottom of my heart, i wish i had the courage to do that.

    they will likely call if they feel that you are in immediate danger of serious harm to yourself or others. calling to talk or vent to someone about ideation generally doesn't get the police involved. the danger tends to come when a concrete plan in introduced.

    as someone who went through the system. i have absolute sympathy for not wanting to go. but, if it is for sure the only way you won't kill yourself, it IS better to go. and this is coming from someone they didn't feed for two days straight (long story). if you feel that bad, try and get to the emergency room yourself too, the police can kiss my *** when it comes to this stuff.

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    "What should I avoid saying?"

    Your full name

    Your location

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