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how do i bleach my dyed hair safely?

ok so i have brown hair right and i got highlights and it’s been dyed purple so how do i get it to blonde? (by myself) (not using box dye) 

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  • Laura
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    9 months ago

    By yourself?  You don't.  At least not without ruining your hair. 

    If you want to go blonde by yourself you need training on how to use bleach safely.  Bleach will literally melt your hair.  Without the training on how to use it properly you will seriously hurt your hair. 

    Go to a salon and get it done.  There is a reason salons exist and its to get your hair looking the way you want. 

    If you mess up and end up needing it fixed, the cost is double because the stylist will have to do double the work to fix what you messed up. 

    So don't waste your money and fry your hair.  Just go to a salon.  Oh, plus the fact that the materials to bleach your hair safely will cost about the same as a full head of foils from a salon anyway.  So you can save your money and your hair the damage and get it done professionally.

  • The best way to go about it is to use bleach if you want to lighten your hair. It's not box dye and it's the quickest way to lighten your hair at home. You can do this your self but it's time consuming. Also bleach can damage your hair and your scalp if you don't know what you're doing. So I would strongly suggest doing some research before you attempt to do it. 

    I bleached my hair before, the first time I didn't have any damage. The second time I tried to bleach my roots at home, and got some bleach on previously bleached ends. This caused the ends of my hair to break.

    You will have to remove the purple dye first then lighten your hair. If you don't want to use bleach, google things that will lighten your hair but they may take longer to get the results you want.

  • 9 months ago

    So I know you probably weren't looking for this answer but I have to say it just to save you from the disaster that has happened to several of my friends at this point - if you can avoid it, please...PLEASE do not bleach your hair at home. It's not that it isn't technically possible (obviously some people have done it); it's that if something goes wrong, you will very quickly decide that it was not worth the risk. I have had friends that researched this process to death and still ended up with chemical burns, hair falling out, or splotches of uneven color over their hair that couldn't be easily fixed because the bleach dried out their hair. If you can manage to go in to get it done professionally, please do so. For most other dyeing processes I usually say go for it and do it at home if you want! The risks with that are usually minimal. But with bleaching, I actually can tell you that there is no way to technically do it completely safely. There is simply too much that can go seriously wrong.

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