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Is it common for a guy to lose to a girl in this?

There's this new game called Leg Wrestling. You lie on the ground facing the opposite way from someone else and link arms. Then you both lift your leg 3 times, say 1,2,3 then on 3...lock legs and try to flip the other person

So I'm a guy, and I faced my friend who's a girl, and I lost against her. Not going to lie, it was one of the worst feelings getting flipped like that by her. But then she said after she beat me that it's because she has longer legs than me. My question for the girls out there, have you ever beaten a guy in this? Just wondering how common it is. And if so, essentially what was the matchup like? Heightwise, leg length, etc. 

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  • 9 months ago

    girls in general have stronger legs than guys...less upper body strength but more lower body strength

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