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Natural hair advice ?

Does anybody know any blog sites or natural hair experts that will help me? I have questions about my natural hair and I’m not sure where to look. I don’t want to see a professional yet because it’s not cheap and I’ve looked at some YouTube videos but I have questions. Also, I signed up for naturallycurly website but it didn’t go well so I need some advice. 

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  • Blonde
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    8 months ago

    My advice is go to a beauty supply store and ask advice on products to help your natural hair be controlled and grow best. It’s my opinion that you save money and go to a salon to get a good cut, it needs to be layered correctly or else it doesn’t look right. I agree, constantly using hot irons, highlights, and tight braids pull and break your hair, it won’t grow unless you go natural for a while, and let it grow out. If you must, buy a wig that you can style, and tie hair ‘loosely’ in a bun underneath.

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