R110 Kersosine/diesel Reddy Heater makes a buzzing noise, motor will not turn what is causing this bad motor or igniter?

I have a Reddy Heat forced air kerosine torpedo heater. The unit was running fine then started to act up. Wouldn't ignite however after a few attempts it  finally run for about a hour. While running the heater stopped and started to make a buzzing sound so I ran down and quickly unplugged it. I cleaned the photocell, lubed up the motor shaft. I plugged in and motor started to spin but didn't and was buzzing. The motor will turn if I spin it by hand but not on its own. The buzzin I am not sure if its the motor or the igniter. Anyone know or had this situation? You think I can clean motor free from dust maybe solve the problem? Is the buzzing from the igniter? I don't want to start throwing parts in the unit until its fixed sounds like a waste of time and money. Model R110 Reddy Heat kerosine/diesel forced air heater. Again when I plug the unit in the motor doesn't spin and sits a buzzes. Is the Motor bad? Sounds like its from the igniter under the motor could this cause the motor to not run? Any thoughts? Please let me know. Thanks

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    My experience with salamanders is limited, but if the blower is not running I would look for debris blocking the squirrel cage.  If it is clear then I would look at the motor itself.  

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