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Dynamics (Grade 11 High School Physics)?

Jane (61 kg) is standing on a cliff holding a vine. On the other end of the vine is Tarzan (88 kg) who is holding on for dear life above hungry crocodiles. What coefficient of friction must exist in order for Jane to hold her ground (remain stationary). 

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  • NCS
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    The diagram associated with this problem statement might be important; but if the only friction available is between Jane and the ground, then the friction force must equal Tarzan's weight:

    µ * 61kg * g = 88kg * g

    minimum µ = 88/61 = 1.44 ◄

    which you might have to round to two significant digits.

    Hope this helps!

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  • oubaas
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    8 months ago

    mj*μ = mt

    μ = mt/mj = 88/61 ( ≅ 1.4426...)

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