Piitthe verbs in the brackets in the correct getundial form. Do you mind his (join) us?

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    Turik: "Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct gerundial form." Now you can look up the words 'gerund' and 'gerundial' on the internet to get a better idea of what they are asking you to do. ...The 'gerundial form' is almost always (never say 100% with English language rules!) just adding an -ing to the verb. Usually this makes a verb into a noun with almost the same meaning; it's just a different way to phrase it. Sometimes you have to adjust the spelling too by one letter, not too often: "(join) ... Do you mind his joining us?"  ... but " (get) ... "Do you mind me getting something really expensive for lunch at this restaurant?" (There is one more -t before the -ing is added; this is just an English spelling rule.) 

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      MY getting something, not ME getting something

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