Is it bad to put a car in park when it's rolling backwards in reverse? It's a Nissan which has a cvt transmission.?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    We did a lot of research on CVTs before buying ours . . . . now 13 years old and it's great!  We did learn that:

    .  it's not good for any transmission to shift direction while car is moving.  CVTs are absolutely unforgiving of such treatment - you should come to a complete stop before shifting from reverse to forward and vice-versa.  Not doing so severely shortens the life of a CVT.

    .  follow the maintenance schedule - or exceed it.  CVTs use a specific fluid with anti-wear additives.  Do NOT let some quick lube jockey fool with it - do NOT fall for the machine flush BS - on ours, there are 2 filters that must be replaced and a complete drain and replacement of the fluid.  Every quick-lube place I asked was ready to do a machine flush - and said any trans fluid would work - and didn't have the filters.  The service on ours cost $300 - a lot less than buying a new trans !!!

    As for throwing any transmission into Park while moving:  the parking prawl is quite a small piece of metal - meant to take abuse but still easy to break-off . . . the part isn't expensive - taking the transmission out and apart to replace the part is very costly . . . . the broken pieces falling into the works can require a new transmission.

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      I think we all accidentally miss-shift once in a while . . . as long as it appears to be working OK, don't worry too much about it . . . . . just don't make it a habit . . . on our 13 year old (that we really like) it would cost more to fix a bad transmission than the car is worth !

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    The parking pawl can be damaged.

    Don't do it!!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Would be a whole lot better on the drive train if you braked first.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes it is. You'll break the parking pawl that keeps the car from moving when in PARK.

    Better have the dealer service your tranny at 60,000 miles. That way there will be records when your CVT transmission fails. Nissan has been giving out customer good will warranties on CVT transmissions because of the high failure rates.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech / Infiniti Tech
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  • 4 weeks ago

    Notice the name of this gear. Park as a noun not a verb. Park the car ......then put the trans in PARK. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Always stop with the brake before shifting to park. Park is just a pin that slides into a hole. Shifting to park while moving can break the pin.

  • JetDoc
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    4 weeks ago

    Use the brakes to stop the car BEFORE shifting into Park. Shifting to park while the car is moving either forward OR reverse COULD damage the transmission.

  • Dimo
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    4 weeks ago

    In ANY car with a P (park) position in the transmission: 

    Stop the vehicle with the service brakes, set the parking brake, release the service brakes, the set the transmission to Park, shut down the engine.

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