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Is my friend insane?

I met my friend Kevin in high school. We are both 22 now, and he seems to have gone crazy for no reason. For one, he is much more quiet now then he use to be, he says he is always thinking. He always thinks people are stalking him. If we walked by someone he would say “what was he doing is he like a spy.” There was this other time we went to a park and after ten stops out of his car he ran back and said hurry we have to get out of here. He said that “large mammals” were chasing us. I asked him what. He pretty much explained that they were large rats the size of a dog with fangs and claws. Something else when we were driving he randomly said “stop I will crash this car right now if I have to.” I thought he was joking but the thing is the way he said it there was no indication he was joking. He was not smiling, and he said it in like a monotone voice. I asked him if something was wrong. He said no I was just thinking about something funny.

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  • Linda
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    9 months ago

    It sounds like schizophrenia to me. My brother has it. Your friend isn't crazy but he is mentally sick. Do your best to help him get psychiatric help and he will need to be put on medicine.

  • 9 months ago

    If he is your friend and you care about him, you should encourage to see a doctor! Sounds like he has a mental illness, so be there for him, help him get help. 

  • kelvin
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    9 months ago

    not your friend.......

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