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I have a stalker. someone who might want my soul and to assume the identity of my twin an tether my soul out of me. should I contact FBI?? ?

 I suffered a traumatic wound call it a blast to my mind and life four years ago. prior to this I had escape a hostage abuse situation 24 years ago and evicted a spirit. I began to thrive and turn into myself and talent. and I knew this person who ever it was family included was still go try to get to me. when I also cut off family, only time I saw them was when I did. I was winged monkey and set on tested and did not stop my rise up from torture. I worked at my life to get my real life back from this event. I read about mind control and intentional traumas to take others souls is true. I manage to live 24 years rising. I had also witness an contact with person brag about their mental powers and travel places where it a rampant pandemic to feel they are psychic as a drug and cover esteem issues.. I was not unepowered but not use it to kill and enslave persons for stupid reason. ok in past four year and before threats made t me to make sure I don't get there. I left family and thrive over them and others bullies and creeps. four years ago the event that took me from 24 years of rising to instant death removed my walls borders and left me a brinks for someone to hijack and the last four being ransacked by person and twin games. to link minds into victim and suck the wealth talent soul out and kill the victim like US the movie and I have stories about that movie and ties.. I wanted to call FBI but will they believe I'm being stalked menace by a ex and persons in my life.?

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