Im extremely worried about this new YouTube update?

Are all my favourite YouTubers going to quit?! is YouTube doomed?! help im so worried I don t want all my favourite channels,and content I like get deleted.What is really going to happen to YouTube? can someone please explain and tell me not to be stressing over this?


Please don't tell me that it's the end of YouTube or something it's just going to make my anxiety worse,can someone calm me down and tell me what's really going to happen and is it a big deal or not?!

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    if you're talking about that coppa business, i wasn't really paying attention to it until last night.  but anyway, what little i've gathered so far goes like this: 

    so the ftc fined youtube around 170 million dollars, for violating the "Child Online Privacy Protection Act," a law that's been around since 1998(!),

    ... because ... youtube was showing "personalized ads" - ads directed specifically at the specific person watching whatever video, based on information youtube had gathered from that person via their online behavior, as far as youtube can access that

    ... and some of these people might be children, based on the fact that... according to the ftc... the specific videos that youtube got fined for... were made for children, "attractive to children..." or something...  so it's violating these childrens' privacy.  according to the ftc


    youtube, decided the best thing for *them* to do, in the wake of this, was to put responsibility for this kind of thing, onto the video uploaders, in the future


    that after january 1, if the ftc decides a video you uploaded is directed at children, or "attractive to children," or something.... but you have not specifically *flagged it* as being directed at children...

    the ftc could, conceivably, file your yourtube uploading a ss so far into debt you'll be lucky to have ditch to sleep in, for the rest of your life

    so anyway

    youtube, for their part, has helpfully provided the little boxes on your account, that you can check, telling the whole world whether or not your stupid little videos are "directed at children"

    your choices are these:

    1)  flag your video as "directed at children." 

    2)  flag your video as "not.... directed at children"

    ... and you can make these elections for single videos, or all your videos

    Should you choose option 1), your video will NOT show personalized ads viewers.  this, i gather, will very significantly reduce the amount of ad revenue you can expect to make off your video.  Which, for people who actually *make money* off this nonsense.... is an issue... as you might well guess

    And on the hand, supposing  you pick instead, option.... 2) .... well, then you get all your great ad revenue, just like before.  But.  you leave yourself open to the risk that, should the FTC deem you should have flagged this video with 1) instead, it is possible, conceivable... they could fine, or sue, or whatever, you personally... for something a bit north of.... Forty. Thousand. Dollars.  For.  Each.  Such.  Video. 

    And the actual, legal "Criteria," that the FTC would use to determine, whether or not you should have picked option 1),  is, reportedly, .... a little vague...

    To Digress Briefly, I would note, that, in my opinion, their "Criteria" likely consists of some faceless, possibly automated, bureaucratic entity, sticking their pudgy little finger, or antennae or whatever, into the prevailing wind


    My first reaction to youtube's notice about this (which mentioned nothing other than the need to comply with COPPA, by the way) , was to check the box flagging all my unwatchable crap as "NOT.... made for kids").  which it isn't


    having watched a few of the... largely hysterical... youtube videos about this subject, and given the brief outline i've provided above, my... tentative conclusion... at this point... is that i should, rather, flag all my unwatchable crap as "directed at children" instead

    this would ensure i could not be fined, under COPPA.  I think.  and since i've never made a dime off this crap, nor tried to, the loss of "personalized ad revenue" is, naturally, no issue to me personally at all.  So there's a strategy

    But i can hardly fail to speculate about the fact that, you know, on some of these videos?  i might have... used a naughty word....  so, what legal butt f uckery am i leaving myself open for there, i must wonder.  hm.

    of course, i could just simply review all my past videos and flag them *individually*... after all... i only have.... oh god i have no idea... it's probably north of a thousand or more... youtube doesn't even tell you that afaik, going back, 13 f ucking years. 

    so yeah, some of the *other* options i'm thinking about, over the next month or so, include:

    - setting everything to private until this retarded, kafkaesque s hit storm blows over or is resolved or least more fully clarified one way or the other

    - just deleting the whole puerile pile of crap altogether, and maybe posting over at twitch or something instead from now on, if at all

    So yeah, sorry to go on so long, and really, i know next to nothing.  i have limited time to read through the f ucking legalese toilet paper involved, but i will looking around over the next few weeks, no doubt

    i'm hoping youtube's resident "copy right attorney" over at the "lawful masses" channel, will cover this at some point.  if he doesn't just delete all his crap too.  which seems unlikely, since he mainly makes videos about... legal issues... but he does do it while wearing cute cartoon hats doesn't he, so that's suspicious.

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    • Lv 7
      8 months agoReport

      it's obviously scaring a lot of the posters, which is probably the intended effect. but what will actually happen is unknown.  the ftc may be blowing smoke, just to scare people, and won't, or can't actually fine them.  but a lot of people won't want to risk being the lab rat on that theory

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  • Dave
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    If you're stressing over this, you should seek professional help. LOL, what sort of loser has anxiety over a website?!?

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