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Cat Problems ?

My family has had a cat for ten years who’s never been a good cat. He bites, scratches, attacks at complete random, etc. we’ve been putting up with it but recently he’s also been pooping and peeing in random rooms in the house and bringing in mice and rabbits that are never all the way dead. We’ve had our wits ends and can’t put up with him anymore. We don’t want to take him to a shelter because we still care about him and don’t want him to die but we can’t have him here anymore. Is there anywhere humane that we can take him that he might actually like? Somewhere he has room to roam? Anything like that?

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  • 1 year ago

    Try re-homing him as a barn cat.  Farmers need cats that can hunt and help control the vermin population.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    No cat attacks at complete "random," as much as people claim they do. Sounds to me like a few different problems. 1. The cat was taken way too early as a kitten and was never socialized properly, 2. Was never trained/tamed correctly, 3. Could potentially have some kind of neurological disorder, causing him to be overstimulated constantly, and 4. Owners that never gave a shat about its wellbeing. 

    You all are too focused on your own selfish needs and never got the cat checked out. You wanted a cat, you got one, and never bothered to learn anything about the poor thing. You never bonded with it and it simply hates you and your family, with every right to. 

    Take it to a no kill shelter. It will have the chance to be adopted by owners that understand CATS NEEDS, since your family clearly has no clue.

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