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Why does it hurt? ?

My husband took this past week end to stay home. But today is his birthday.  so I would think he would this day off like he usually does. Since he has been cheating also I assumed he would spend his birthday out. he played nice with me all week end. These last few years he has been acting nice whenever his birthday is near in order to get a good gift from me. And then he could go back to his antics right after. So I wanted to test that theory to see if things changed. I told him I got a groupon for an indoor water park so we could go Tuesday with the kids. he got upset and said he doesn’t like water parks I shouldn’t have gotten the tickets.The week end went by normally. he came back Monday after work and said that since he has the hospital bill it’s his turn for hospital bill (100$),he will work on Tuesday to make that money. Tuesday is a nonscheduled day for him and Since it falls on his birthday he will probably not work. later on after changing clothes he says something along the lines of thank God I’m not working tomorrow because I wouldn’t be able to stay and deal with our toddler. Than he changes and say thank God I’m working tomorrow. 

I have been seeing lawyers these last few weeks and I’m preparing to divorce. but looking back at this I wonder why it is hurting me that he doesn’t want to spend his birthday with me. It’s not like I even care at this point. It’s just him going to pretend like he cared and then go back to being evil right before his birthday.

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    Divorces rarely just come out of the blue and chances are he knows full well what you're doing. So he's opted not to pretend to be a happy couple when he knows you aren't that.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It hurts because you are finally feeling the mistreatment that he has endured all these years. When he finally broke from your mistreatment of him (the asexuality of you), and started banging sideass, he no longer cared about how you were impacted. Just like you never really cared about him.

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