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Help required regarding Swedish girlfriend due to move to UK?


I (24M) have lived in Australia for the last 2 years and met my girlfriend (22F) whilst I was there and have now been together for 2 years. I have now come back to the UK before we both go out to live in New Zealand for 12 months. After this our plan is to move to the UK to settle (I think).

I am just looking to see if anyone has any advice or knows anything that might be different when she does want to come over with me around November 2020 to settle for the long run. (and even visa verca)

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    Assuming you are a Brit, which you forgot to mention, you can travel to the UK at your heart's desire, and so can your Swedish girlfriend, as the Kingdom is still part of the European Union.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    As other have said. From 2020 we will no longer be part of the EU so she will have no right to move here, without a job offer ( new rules are coming) or a spousal visa.


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    There are no bf/gf visas, no shack-up visas, so your gf will not be coming to live with you. You would have to marry, and prove you earn enough to meet support requirements. 

    So you would have to return to UK (without the gf), get a place to live, get a job, and work for a minimum of 6 months earning a minimum of GBP18,600/year, before you might be eligible to file for her. Also, since you cannot be receiving or have received any "benefits," you must purchase or rent your home on the open market, no council housing (no living with parents, either - must be a suitable home for the two of you). Support requirements can change at any time, so by the time you get around to marrying your gf, expect support requirements to increase (it's been a while since the last adjustment for inflation, so that increases the likelihood of an adjustment).

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    With the UK leaving the EU she will have no rights to move and live in the UK, so you would have to get married as there is no gf or shack up visas... so would require ( todays requirements, which may change) you to be working for the same employer for at least 6 months, earning at least £18,600, have a private rented or own home, not be claiming any benefits and she would be in her own country before you could apply and sponsor a fiancee visa, if/when she gets that she can arrive and you marry within 90 days or she goes home

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    Sweden is filled with rapists and pedophiles and New World Orderlies; it's a war zone, claim she has ptsd

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    There are NO girlfriend visa... you will need to marry and you will need to financially support her

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