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Die Hard question ?

Is it true all the bearer bonds held in the building that is attacked would of been held there illegally at the time the film was released? 


Like it would of been against the law for the Japanese company to hold them at all in the skyscraper? 

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    From "Bearer bonds are not technically illegal in the US based on my understanding, it is just that the court decision, Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, and upheld in the case, South Carolina v. Baker, basically destroyed the reason for a corporation or governmental entity to issue bearer bonds.  The law basically said that any interest paid on bearer bonds issued by a corporation would not be deductible to the corporation, and the interest paid on bearer municipal bonds would no longer be tax exempt."   So by the time Die Hard (1988) came out the laws had made any advantage of issuing bonds as bearer bonds was moot.   But bonds are issued with years to maturity, and issuances with 10 -30 years to maturity are commonplace... there have  even been 100 years to maturity issuances of bonds recently though I have not heard of bearer bonds that long. So by 1988, there would still likely be bearer bonds issued from prior to 1982 around in the US, but by  2019 most will likely have matured. Bond rates spiked between 1978-1980 and Hans comments on sitting on the beach collecting 20 percent, so most likely your looking at some issuer having issued bearer bonds around 1979-ish with 30 year maturities and less than stellar credit rating.  If Hans had pulled it off and the issuer didn't go bankrupt in the meantime, he'd have been able to turn in his matured bonds in 2009-ish.  With the stock market bottoming in early March 2009 he'd have been in prime position to really capitalize on his crime. 

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    No, it would've been legal as far as I'm aware.  Owners of bearer bonds can store them where ever they choose.  Where have you heard differently?

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    I Love Die Hard

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    It's an Xmas movie

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