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Are zoos cruel?

It seems cruel to keep wild animals in an enclosure away from their natural habitat, although some are endangered and are part of breeding programs.

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    I used to be a newspaper reporter and did a special assignment where I shadowed a zookeeper for a day and got to chat with several other zookeepers. I can't speak for every single keeper or every single zoo, of course, but the one I covered was absolutely NOT cruel in the slightest. The keepers were all very passionate about their jobs, and the bond they had managed to form with the animals was clear. This zoo also had several animals who were rescues and participated in a few breeding programs.

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    No beast or human likes being caged up ...not normal behaviour 

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    Some private zoos, I would agree are at best, unwittingly cruel but other open zoos now strive to give their animals as natural a living area as possible. Many species have avoided becoming extinct in the wild, due to breeding programs at various zoos in the U.K. A Chinese deer, long extinct in the wild in China has recently been successfully released back into the wild there.

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    I have many fond memories of going to London zoo as a kid.   The monkeys were so funny

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    Enclosed zoos are indeed cruel, but not places like Paignton Zoo which is more like a safari park, and don't forget that some endangered species such as tigers are safe there and it would be a crime if these majestic cats went extinct. 

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    Nobody really cares about animals, idiot. The ones that claim so are lying including you.

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