Where does a person stand legally with getting their son back after alienation from the Mother?

The story is that this person was pressured and convinced by his Ex to move out of state with their 4 year old son. The Ex’s mother and the Ex’s mother’s husband had recently also moved into a house out of state in the same location. All 5 of them were living in the same house that the Ex’s mother had bought. He and his Ex had plans to find work and eventually their own place with their son. The jobs available in the area are slim to none. He found a temporary part time position with Fed Ex as a package handler. She found a full time position as a waitress. The mother’s husband drove him to another city so he could get registered as a new state resident. About a month later, the Mother kicked him out after he spanked his son for repeatedly disobeying him. The mother’s husband threatened to call police if he returned. He and his girlfriend had been having relationship issues that he wanted to work out so they could all be happier. He brought it to light to the Mother one day when she asked why she doesn’t see much affection between them. Suddenly, them living with her Mother was making things difficult. She began sending messages through her daughter to tell him that “something needs to change”. It confused him and he didn’t think much of it. He kept being told he was rude until he found himself kicked out away from his family. He had no choice but to quit his part time job and move back to their original state. His Ex left him. He and his have been separated for a year. 

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  • Foofa
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    7 months ago

    This person would just have to go to court in the jurisdiction where the coparent is living and ask for shared custody or visitation.

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  • 8 months ago

    Could you possibly make this a little more confusing, it's not confusing enough for me to sort it out. Make up some dam names.

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm super confused who is who. Let me know if I'm gathering your question correctly. 

    A couple who are no longer together decided to move to a new state in order to raise the child together. 

    The parents each got a job and settled in, living with themselves and her parents. Everything was fine until the father of the child decided to discipline the child by using spanking. The grandparents did not appreciate this and kicked the father of the child out of the home forcing him to move back to his home state in order to survive financially. 

    My advice is the father needs a lawyer. He can't do this alone. 

    It's one of those circumstances that puts dad in a hot spot where he has to make some emergency decisions as to what is good for him and the child. In this case, he's homeless and needs to work on fixing this immediately. 

    Unfortunately, he chose to leave state which puts him in the eyes of the law a father who decided to leave the child behind and doesn't have the resources to raise his child, no home and no job. My advice to you is getting this fixed immediately but in the child's home state. 

    At this point after establishing himself, he can now go to court and tell of his predicament. That the mother refuses to let him see the child or take the child. The judge will force her in mediation in the court to work out visitations. 

    The issue that is going to be hard for him is his and the mother's decision of what kind of discipline is appropriate for the age of the child or the general discipline altogether.  The judge will make his call on that one. He might agree with him as the father's rights or he might say that's inappropriate and you need to go to parenting classes. 

    I will say that the grandparents had no right get in between you and your child but you really don't have a foot to stand on if he doesn't have any resources to take the child to like your home and no money. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

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  • 8 months ago

    dear god, tell the story with proper pronouns. if u re talking about yourself use I and MY

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