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why am i still nauseous after vomiting?

around 5 hours ago i woke up feeling very full and bloated, and i started vomiting and had three episodes of continuous vomiting for around an hour

i vomited all my food out and my last vomits  were clear liquids

its been 5 hours, and i still feel like im gonna vomit even though i cant, i had diarrhea three times in these 5 hours and the last time i barely pooped anything out

i feel horrible, my stomach hurts and my head does too

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    When you vomit and you cannot vomit anymore but have nausea it is called the dry heaves and it is awful and having diarrhea on top of it all, is even worse. When I had bad food poisoning I had symptoms like yours. If you aren't feeling better by now, please go to the ER. They can give you medication to control your vomiting and nausea as well as an antibiotic if it is bacterial and not viral. They can also give you fluids through an IV that will make you feel better.

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