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GF's Family - Granddad behaves really spoiled, should I say something?

Okay so first of all, I may of had a strict upbringing as my family taught me to respect others and their property since being a toddler.

I attended a party at my Cousin in laws home and my gfs brother was making quite a scene, demanding attention etc. He began throwing balloons around but not gently, using his full strength. One of these balloons hit my gf's granddad in the face, I was half expecting my young brother in law to get a telling off since there is 65 years between the two.

Instead her Granddad begins to target the child with the same balloon using more force trying to get revenge but not playfully. Now the child is hurt and doesn't want to play with Granddad but thinks it's okay to slap balloons into people's faces from 1 ft away so this continues all night even after spilled drinks etc... in someone else's home. 

This scenario was the final straw for me cause I'm fed up of returning gifts, changing venues & times and planning around a 78 year old man who wants it his way. For Christmas he's picked his own gift that costs more than what we were expecting to spend. We've spoken about a holiday in 2 weeks that we're excited about and to him, he's explained how stupid we are for picking a different travel company (I booked it). 

Should I say something to my GF cause it's ridiculous, he's like a child and she just goes along with it.

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    Sounds like you need to pay more attention to your gf, unless you plan to DATE the grand dad also.

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