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New here try to reply and to answer question I don't know how to reply to answer. how I do to reply to answer.?

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    YA isn't a chat site, so the idea isn't for a user who posted a question to "respond" to an answer. A knowledge seeking question is asked, and users are to reply with appropriate information as their 'answer'. However, you can click the text 'bubble' just below and to the left of an answer (to the left of the thumb up/down icons) and leave a comment under a respondent's answer. Whether or not they will ever see it depends on if they return to check their answers OR if they see it in their Notifications. Some users also update their question with a comment directed at a respondent, but ideally the site is for questions and answers to them (back and forth conversation shouldn't be needed).

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    Good morning.

    YA is SUPPOSED to have a STRICT question answer format. Replying to answers is NOT required. You can comment on answers by left clicking or tapping  on the text box icon to the left of the thumbs up button, but only the last comment is displayed. Not everyone has their Notifications enabled, and some don't open notifications at all because they are tired of being provoked, insulted, or harassed. YA is not a chat forum, gossip column or message board. You are not rewarded with points for responding to answers. Yahoo disabled IM in 2013. Verizon disabled personal email July . September 2017 and Yahoo Messenger July 18, 2018. 

    Replying to answers is not required. Excuse me. It's breakfast time for me.  

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    As Daniel said, but also know to see when others comment you will have to click on the icon again or all you will see is the latest comment to the answer 

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    Then you might want to get your eyes tested, because there is a big blue "answer" button below each question.

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      They want to know how to comment to an answer

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    3 weeks ago

    You can't see the word 'ANSWER' ? 😏

  • Daniel
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    3 weeks ago

    Click on the Ballon to the Left of the Thumbs up Button on the Answer to Reply Back to a Answer

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    Just go to the edit tab and select update.  You can reply that way.  You can have more than one update.  Each update can be up to 500 characters long.  Make sure if you are using a phone to put it on desktop mode.

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