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Ugliest people you've met in and out according to you ?

As an Aquarius the nastiest and ugliest bullies I've come across were:

Libra cap moon maleScorpio sag moon femLeo sag moon femIn that order. 


Well haven't met all thankfully but they stalked me. 

Update 2:

@anon. Nobody is ugly. These people may be average in appearance but in behaviour they are ugly so that makes them ugly as a whole but yes I agree with you. 

Update 3:

I think water signs are the only ones that are so obsessed with appearance and can't see what's in a person as you also mention I'm an Aquarius and we are not that way. 

I do not know who my best match would be but I think another Aquarius probably. 

Update 4:

As Aquarius are considered the kindest. 

Update 5:

Sagittarius with plenty of Aquarius in the chart could be another option.

Update 6:

True some men do get deceived. Best not to. I also got deceived twice when I was younger. It's heartbreaking. 

Update 7:

They were dates from hell so true. 

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    It's stupid to go by signs with people. It's a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

    When you get older you will see how "your matches" were dates from hell. 

    I am aquarius. I've been fooled and deceived by aries and capricorn. Libra seemed ugly yes i would need to research it more.

    I dont even know what my girlfriends sign is and we've been together for years. Shes not the prettiest though, but you overlook that in the long run.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I don't know how ugly they really were, but I've seen some people in really ugly costumes in a mardi gras parade.

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