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can i add scents to my face oil?

i got this farsali 24k gold face oil and i love it but im not a fan of the scent and would like to know if i can add a scent 

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    If this benefits able for yours. 

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    It depends if the scent is alcohol based or oil badef. Do not add alcohol to anything that goes on your face. Alcohol can irritate andburn. Fragrant and essential oils are also a problem. Some fragrant oils are highly irritating to the skin. Before adding any fragrant oils or essential oils research if they are known irritants and do a patch test - rub a drop or two of the fragrant oil in the bend of the arm and wait 24 hours for a reaction. Overall it's safer to not add anything.

  • I used to use that, I didn't notice the fragrance was that noticeable. You may want to do an allergy test (mix a small amount of each together), to be sure that the fragrance isn't going to make the product smell worse or irritate your skin. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    sure...I supppse so..............

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