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Weight loss myths??? Irritated ?

Does anyone else feel like losing weight is so over complex? I’m so sick of non fit people telling me what to do. First of all, what do you guys think of cutting calories? In my experience that’s the only way to lose weight. If you cut your calories & get in the gym & push yourself

To be dripping in sweat then it happens? I feel like people say that as a piss poor excuse. If you eat a 400 calorie cookie that would take so long to burn off. You could eat salad w light dressing all day & it would take so long to eat all of that. Bottom line is this is cutting calories. Why does everyone do the most to come up with weight loss myths & propaganda instead of just working hard!?

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  • 8 months ago

    Weight loss is 80% about your diet and what you're eating, and 20% about exercise.

    People out there are cutting calories, but they are still stuffing inflammatory foods into their mouths. This isn't helpful with weight loss.

    Natural, whole healthy foods are what is good for weight loss. Low carb eating

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  • Chris
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    8 months ago

    Thats because we live in a "now" society. People want what they want with the least amount of effort and time required. 

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