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Trying to do a weight loss plan, please help?

I am 20 years old and my grandma who raised me is 73 years old. She is one of only a couple close family members I have. 

Her mother lived to be 94, lived in her house by herself, with no disease and a good heart. No dementia etc, always running around town with us

My grandma is morbidly obese, and has been my entire life. She has arthritis in her knees that are bone on bone. She slowly became unable to walk over the course of 10 years. 

No one will operate on her knees because she is so fat and also because of her age. She can’t do any exercise. She can barely walk across the house with a walker. Because of her inability to move, she has gained a lot more weight, progressively making her worse. Think of Ma from “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, but maybe not as fat

She has a lot of energy but is always very sad in the house depressed because she can’t go anywhere. There is only a couple of stores she can go to because they have electric carts. I am very sad. So far she doesn’t have any health concerns according to her doctor. She is very enthusiastic and wants to live a normal life

I know that she should go on a diet, but I’m wondering without exercise, is there any point of going on a diet? And what diet would help? Everything seems hopeless 

At this point is there any going back? Will she be able to walk again or at least maybe avoid a heart attack or stroke? 

Thank you 

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    First and foremost, at your grandmother's age she should REALLY be working with her GP to develop a proper diet and workout routine.


    With that said... water cardio.  There's literally nothing better for a person her age with such medical concerns.  There's virtually no impact, and she can freely exercise every limb without feeling the pain her weight causes.  To add to that, most gyms that have a pool offer senior water classes.

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      Don't let your mom pass the buck. If the doctor seems unconcerned, then it is most likely because they've been giving your mom advice that she ignored because it'd be too much work.

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