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Should I Adopt a Senior Border Collie?

I had to re-home my border collie/Aussie mix puppy earlier this year because: 

•We had a bad house fire soon after I got her •We were living with relatives for several months and my dog was destructive 

•The relatives had a small yard (My yard is small too)

•I am in general a low energy person and I have bouts of depression. I felt I wasn’t giving my dog the mental and physical stimulation she needed to be happy

•Personality-wise I’m not sure I have the mental constitution to train such a highly intelligent dog

•I didn’t do my research beforehand because honestly it never occurred to me to do so. I’ve had family dogs before and didn’t understand how different borders/aussies are 

We re-homed my dog to a friend of a friend, and they send me video updates regularly. She lives on a ranch now herding cattle and seems very happy. It was truly heartbreaking giving her away, but I thought it was for the best for her.

I’m hoping a senior border collie needs less physical activity and would be happy with my lifestyle. I want to give an aging dog a good last few years of life and pay it forward to a breed I admire but am maybe not cut out to own. I take this very seriously and do not want to re-home. 

I have lots of questions:

Am I qualified to adopt a senior border collie? Could I meet their needs?

I expect to pay a lot of visits to the vet. What kind of things might be needed?

We have own a sensitive, semi-jealous cocker spaniel. Does this mean I shouldn’t get another dog? 

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    Are you qualified?  Probably not.  All BC are high energy and smart, even at age 9 or 10 - unless ancient & decrepit, and such a low energy or unhealthy dog - might not even be offered FOR adoption.  

    WHY.... would you INSIST on the same breed (which you now know - was NOT right for you or your lifestyle) due to (I assume =>GUILT) over the last dog (yet you re-homed it well)?   Why not a breed more suited to your needs; if anything?

    The first MAJOR issue - is.... you already HAVE a dog - who you term; semi-jealous.  If you have a dog (now) WHY isn't that dog ENOUGH?  

    The cocker can be trained in (regardless of age): obedience, rally, agility, tracking, retrieving, hunting etc.  Why add another dog?

    Anybody who is LOW energy & prone to bouts of depression - which means you may NOT feel like doing "squat" even getting out of bed, will have problems managing any pet.  No dog will want that & if you get an elderly dog -it may have to go out more often, might need mobility help, or frequent vet visits.  

    How is sit fair to bring in an old dog in - to another dog who may get INTO FIGHTS with it?  WHO will manage all that - if you can't even get out of bed or put one foot in front of the other, let alone mentally stimulate such a smart dog?

    My advice is to take care of YOURSELF.  You are not in any position, to adopt another dog.  You need medication and/or therapy to improve your bouts of depression.  Work on training, exercising & working WITH the dog you already have.  Exercise and vitamin D (as in sunshine) can help w/ depression.

    I appreciate you wanting to help esp with an older (hard to adopt) dog, but I think it would be more helpful for you to pick a Border Collie rescue group to donate funds to or offer some other help they need (esp if you are good at taking photos or updating a website).  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but in a sense - your plate is already FULL.

    If you were mentally not prone to depression & not so low energy, you might consider it, but you still have another dog, who may not ever allow another dog into your home.  However, training (in formal classes around other dogs)  & more exercise, may IMPROVE her outlook.  Start with baby steps....

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      I know I said you don’t have to answer back, and obviously you don’t haha. But I’m very interested in your response if you get this notification. Thanks 

  • Anonymous
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    No.  Do not do this.

    You are a low energy person with mental health issues and you also lack follow-through and commitment when it comes to training a dog.

    Senior border collies are still border collies.  Unless they are on death's doorstep, they are not low energy either mentally or physically.

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      Thank you so much for your answer that clearly comes from experience. 

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    All dogs despite age deserve a happily ever after dont think about the age I have 4 dogs my oldest just turned 19 and he’s healthy as can be

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      I agree. Thank you for your comment and experience. 

  • Maxi
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    3 weeks ago

    No, it is not the breed for someone who is low energy or lacks mental capacity to train..... BCs are smart and regardless of their age they will out smart people to get their own way, cause distruction when not engaged with daily walking and working

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  • Jojo
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    3 weeks ago

    On reading your question and noting the facts, I don`t think it`s wise idea to get any other dog at this stage of your life.

    • tate3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you for your realistic take, I appreciate it.

  • Jack H
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    3 weeks ago

    No, you shouldn't...

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