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Dental pain/Does some people have deeper tooth roots than others?

I have gotten 2 tooth removed, and i need two more extracted. The first removal was horrible it took an hour to get it out and was told that i had deep roots. The second removal was 4 weeks ago and was also horrible i was 15 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure was 201/96 it also took an hour for that removal. And i was told it took so long this time because the infection was holding on to the tooth. The next day i went into labor and lost my son. Now im even more terrified to go back. I now have a tooth that has to come out immediately as the infection has traveled aboved my eye, im on antibiotics for. But the dentist asked to pull it today i wanted to wait till the infection was completely gone. Does having deep roots or having an infection make the extraction and after the extraction more painful? 


After the extraction is the most painful, its unbearable. I was sent home with ibuprofen and amoxicillin. The first two days i spent on the floor crying for hours, the pain hit before i even made it out of the dentist office. The phamacy even rushed giving my prescription as i was in tears waiting on them to fill it. I just want to know is this common witg extractions? Thanks

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    If you're not pregnant now, get IV sedation. You won't remember a thing about the horrible ordeal.

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