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Agree or disagree? Kurt Cobain : The Most Parasitic Rock Musician Of All Time?

In the late 80's and early 90's, his talent (not just technical skill) and lifestyle was considered amateur-like and unrefined compared to the other standards which were out there. By the time of his death, he basically hypnotized half the world into thinking his music and lifestyle was more sophisticated and refined than it actually was (just look at how many gen y / millennials are into it and talk about him like he's godlike). By the time he killed himself in 1994, his low music standards and lifestyle (painting with feces and bodily fluids) skyrocketed in terms of how they were perceived and he was eventually considered an intriguing, talented, spontaneous musician (a title which he could never have before the hypnotic effects of his singles and music videos took place, brainwashing society and making them become distorted. Realizing this is part of what brought him to kill himself.


He was already deep into drugs before the end of the 1980's. He represented slackers, stoners, and the beginning of 3rd wave feminist women and brought the stoner mentality (I need my drugs!) and lifestyle traits into the mainstream.

Update 2:

I still have a difficult time understanding which specific demographic or element wanted 1991 to become the year that punk broke? Most gen x'ers is retrospect today regret ever buying into it. Sounds like hypnosis to me.

Update 3:

Weren't The Melvins the first?

Update 4:

I would agree that grunge is a far stretch from punk except there are literally early to middle gen x'ers which have proclaimed to me in conversations about this topic that one of the several things which made grunge appealing to the masses in 1991 / 92 was the punk rock edge that it had. That being said, the only thing I can honestly correlate grunge to is something like Patti Smith.

Update 5:

In terms of the Circle Jerks, real glam metal bands like Alleycat Scratch in the early to mid 1990's had more of that type of influence.Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Enuff Z' Nuff had more early to mid 1980's hardcore punk influence than Temple of the Dog.

Update 6:

Couldn't you say that Nirvana was somewhat of a cross between The Replacements and REM with their own spin? And I know that their commercial goals were based on some band called The Pixies. I honestly don't pay Nirvana that much attention to be 100% accurate. I have better music to listen to. I'd eventually go insane if I analyzed that **** too much.

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    Its odd that a "most parasitic rock musician" question doesn't mention Marty Balin. ("most" is a big word)

    The sophisticated, refined musical image that rail against did not come from Cobain hypnotizing anyone. It came after his death. The "Nirvana/Cobain is the new voice of ..." meme started as a reaction to his death. Kind of an eulogy gone viral and being mistaken for truth.

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    I thought he killed himself because of his wife. He and his band were called grunge rockers IIRC, and their success just happened to coincide with a period of economic recession, when being frugal was a necessity and a virtue. Glam rock was popular in the 1970s, a period of extravagance and high inflation. Kobain's musical style therefore just happen to be a good fit for its time. Calling grunge rocker parasitic would seem to be rather harsh and perhaps it is what a fascist would do because fascists look down upon people who are poor.

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    No, he wasn't the most anything of all time.  He was the frontman / songwriter of the right band in the right place at the right time.  Nothing more, nothing less.

    His band wasn't the first or even the best at what they did, they just caught a break and had a huge hit that defined a generation.  It was what the rock world wanted at the time.

    Other bands fitting the same description happened before and after Nirvana.  Elvis, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin (no Zep-heads, they were not the best musicians on earth), Motley Crue, the Pistols, The Beatles, the list goes on and on.

    Being the right band in the right place at the right time is purely a matter of good timing and even better luck.

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    A word of the wise to millenials born after 95' and all generation z'ers!

    Putting a bullschit spin on a piece of history that is objective (MUCH LIKE THE STUPID F1CK IN THE QUESTION IS DOING), not subjective, does not in anyway make you better or smarter than the next guy. 

    It makes you dumber. Keep that in mind, millenials born after 95' and all generation z'ers. As you motherf1ckers are notorious for talking out your azses about schit you dont know a f1cking thing about. 

    You know, people my age (born 1988) and older are often accused of being gatekeepers to metal, grunge, and alt rock; We are. We earned it. 

    We bought the music we listened to, at electronic, record, and book stores (those of us who were raised in former soviet countries often had to leave our home country and travel to germany, denmark, greece, or to moscow to get our music). 

    We learned about these bands from biographys and "Behind The Musics". 

    We found out about upcoming concerts through newspaper, tv, or Ticketmaster at the local gas station. 

    I seriously doubt you or many of the other full of schit posters have done any of that. To you, Nirvana is nothing but a link on youtube. 

    And you dont seem like you've read the biographies. I dont even think you cheated and watched a music review youtube channel like "The Needle Drop" or something. 

    So I disagree, and yeah I am calling you out as being full of schit.

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    Disagree. Kurt Cobain was a very talented musician!

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    Wrong go read the magazine that came out

    This year. It lays out the reason he committed

    Suicide. He was never made to be a celebrity

    And the music industry pushes almost every

    Musician to commit suicide or get into drugs

    To deal with the stress and insanity the music

    Industry dumps on musicians. He was a quiet

    Casual guy who simply wanted to make money

    Writing music and enjoy his life. He had medical

    Issues and suicide seemed like the best way

    Out. So he did it. End of story.

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