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ing speakers of the century, F D Roosevelt, would have got nowhere today. There would have been no hiding that wheelchair; to say nothing of the lovers and the many endearing and human peccadillos. 

Welcome to the world in which the new media nurtures new forms of boredom. The speaker who is bereft without his slides. The lecturer who always puts her transparencies upside down. The obdurate laptop that brings every international conference to a grinding halt because it simply refuses to deliver the visuals designed to add dazzle and glitz to a speaker who, left alone, would commit every one of the foregoing sins.

10. Boring peoples' rights

In all probability, as the Human Genome Project unfolds, it will be found that boredom is genetic. People simply cannot help it. Indeed, the gene probably manifests itself in two types: borers and borees. Almost certainly the crucial genes are found on the Y chromosome. Certainly, in my experience, they manifest themselves most commonly in the males of the species.

Some of those who yawn and fall asleep are not even reacting to one's cultivated witticisms and entrancing thoughts. They are simply physiological victims of sleep apnoea. All they need is to attach themselves to a machine. If they do not snore at night, they will not sleep through public addresses. Pity them. They are victims. 

As for bores themselves, I can describe quite precisely the identikit of the typical exema.

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    I don't know what that is, but it's not true. If you think that people wouldn't vote for FDR if they saw the wheelchair, that says more about us than about him. But I give talks and I watch people give talks, and it's certainly possible to keep people awake and interested. It just take the right techniques. 

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    why is this in the travel Australia category? It's nothing to do with Australia

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