How do shirts get logos embroidered on them?

How do logo patches of things get embroidered on shirts like cowboys wear in the Rodeo, on “Spanish Cowboy,” shirts like at “Spanish-American” Western stores, or at Brazilian cowboy stores in Brazil, or at Rodeo events & Bull Riding events, such as the “PBR,” or the “PRCA,” or even just simply the typical shirts “You can buy” at just at your local Western store anywhere near you, with just “Simple” logos, such as your typical “Wrangler,” “Cinch,” and “Ariat,” or “Ford,” “Dodge,” or “RAM,” or just “PBR.” Or, work shirts! How do logos get on shirts like that or a long sleeve that people wear at restaurants or stores like “Verizon,” “Chili’s,” “AT&T,” “Applebees,” “Best Buy,” or “Wendy’s,” just to name a few, or Justin McBride when he used to at the Rodeo wear those “Cingular Wireless,” “AT&T,” “Bud Light,” and Fritos shirts, or “Dickie’s” workwear shirts get logos embroidered on shirts, too, like sometimes they get shirts with logos of Store logo names and Establishment company names. Or if you see a “Geico” work shirt. How do logos get on shirts? Also, how do stitches with needle and thread and a sewing machine know how to embroider patches with the logo names on shirts?

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  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    CNC is computer numerical control, sort of an archaic term at this point. It means that the user makes a drawing on the computer screen - could be the embroidery you ask about. The machine has a table with the mechanism to embroider - needle, thread, etc.  The computer guides motors that guide the shirt into the needle so that it "draws" the embroidery and the machine sews the message. And it happens way fast, too. This is a simple description and the basic concept is used in many ways in today's manufacturing world.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I worked at a business that did custom embroidery. It's not expensive, anyone can place an order, with or without the shirts -- if you don't have the shirts, the company can show you catalogs of the ones they work with.

    So look for embroidery companies. Here's the one I worked at in Milwaukee---

  • 3 weeks ago

    Very expensive sewing machines are computer guided.

  • 3 weeks ago

    by sewing machine. expensive sewing machine has a computer in it, u put whatever design u want in the programme and it embroiders it by itself, a work girl needs to insert a correct item at a correct spot under it

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