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Which snow blower is the better?

I’m moving to a new place and I’m looking for a snow blower. I’m deciding between electric and gas. From your own experience, which one is better? 


I live in Anchorage, Alaska if you guys are wondering where I live. The average snow we get per year is 28 inches. 

Update 2:

Correction.. We get 75.5 inches of snow per year in Anchorage, Alaska not 28 inches. That’s the average snowfall in the US.

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  • elhigh
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    It would help a lot if we knew where you live and how much property you're trying to clear.

    In Knoxville TN, where I live, a non-running snow blower is plenty.  There isn't enough snow here to be worth the trouble of having one.

    The more area you have to clear, the more snow you get in one event, the more practical it becomes to have a gas blower instead of electric.

    A driveway longer than 50' and snow deeper than 4" will tax an electric machine pretty heavily, and you're going to want an extra-heavy-duty extension cord to power it.  The electric units chief advantages are that they are generally VERY light compared to the gas machines and store in a much, much smaller space - you don't need to keep them upright, for instance.  You can hang them on the wall in the off season.  And an electric starts when you pull the lever.

    If your snow never (or only rarely) comes down more than 10" at a time, a single-stage machine is your best bet.  Alternatively, if your area is subject to heavier snows but you can count on yourself to act on it before it's done, you can still make do with a smaller blower, going out and blowing snow before the fall is over.  

    If you're looking at the single-stage machines, I tend to lean toward Toro, who pretty much dominate the American snow blower market.  There are other manufacturers but Toro has presence that seems to outweigh all of them.

    And let me tell you this: my parents have a place in Minnesota, and their snow blower is a Toro.  That's a bigger, two stage unit but when it snows in MN, the single stage machine gets outstripped pretty quickly.

    • Potter8 months agoReport

      Thank you for taking time writing your response. It means a lot to me. I live in Anchorage, Alaska. The average snow we get per year is 75 inches. That’s too much snow compared to other states. So I definitely need a gas snow blower. 

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  • 7 months ago

    Any snow blower will work, until the snow is than the top of the unite, source me.

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  • james
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    8 months ago

    As a survivor of the great blizzard of the Philippines. Let me assure you it is to cold to go outside in snow. Just let the sun melt it of in the morning. Be gone by 8am. at the latest. 

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  • y
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    8 months ago

    I have never used an electric snow shovel/blower. I'm in Ma, they simply aren't powerful enough for my needs. Lots of places out there designed to figure out the best types of snowblowers that one needs. Off the top of my head, sears used to have a pretty decent one that will at least give you an idea of what you should be looking at. If you are in a region like my own where snow removal is part of life. Spend the extra money to go either mid range or commercial. The residential grades are just built to cheaply now and after your first season. You'll have to be working on them pretty much every year.

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  • 8 months ago

    You don't wnt to be dragging electrical cords around in the snow. Go gas.

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  • 8 months ago

    Depends on how much snow and length of work.

    Lite work 3 times a year, 12 inches or less

    Real heavy snow gas

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