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Is there a rap song where the rapper cries through the whole song?

I would like to listen to it because it would be interesting


@Blank... Im looking for a song where the rapper is crying while hes rapping it. What you provided was just a video were the rapper is crying while its being filmed

Update 2:

Blank...I tried looking for the song Soul France by Diams and couldnt find anything. And the song by DF he does cry but only a little in the chorus and it sounds 'staged' which is why they repeat the cry twice.

Update 3:

Thank you general you did help. And hearing a rapper cry on a song for the first time was a life changing experience for me.

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    There is a French Rap song called Soul France By Diams.

    There is also a Christian Rap songs Why Did You Leave by NF.

    They do cry though the song as they Rap. Not sure of you actually listened to them or not. I know what you mean. Listen to them and you will see. I didn't even know they had videos for these songs. Nf song is about losing his Mom. I doubt it is staged. He missed her. That is what the song is about.. As for Diams song I typed it wrong it should be Diam's. Either way I tried to help.

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    Game has those two songs

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