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Is anyone’s else mom like this? ?

Well today I had a long day the negative attitude actually started a few hours ago when I did not want to go to the store with her I was really tired and I have been having flu like symptoms I just wanted to be left alone I am sure she wanted me to go with just so she can vent about my brother last thing I would want to hear today especially since she doesn’t listen to me when I try to help to begin with. She would be mad at him because he didn’t give her more money in my opinion she’s a bit spoiled and money is almost all she thinks about he was nice enough to order pizza no thank you from her. Now I am not trying to vent or anything I am curious if anyone has gone through similar. She gets mad when I show emotions like today when I didn’t want to go with her for example I don’t let her hurt me anymore it’s just weird she doesn’t know I feel this way I don’t think she deserves to plus she wouldn’t care anyways.


I also meant to add she said all of a sudden that the power/electricity will go out when really I just don’t think she felt like paying it for a lame punishment it’s ridiculous and actually makes me laugh a bit if it’s true she’s doing this I am not assuming either.

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    youre probably not the only one

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It's not unusual, happens all the time. You shouldn't let it bother you, it's not worth it. 

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