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Does this mean it was a test?

On second date, guy said we can relax at his place for the third date. We didn't meet anyways since he had urgent work. I've also told him I don't want to do anything sexual until we are a couple. When we rescheduled the third date, we just met at the mall. Was it a test to see if I'm easy? We haven't done anything sexual and he still wants us to date more.

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    Call it a friendship for the next 6 months and enjoy yourselves, if it becomes more serious then take it from there.

    The best quality romantic relationships, come from a friendship that has been going on for a long period of time.

    What's the point of rushing things, when hurrying things along can only add stress.

    Cheers, Enjoy each other's company now that you have a great friendship going on now. Take Care

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    Carry on dating and don't visit his place alone with him until you trust him not to pounce on you or get the wrong idea that visiting for a cup of tea really means you want sex. You've only dated a few times. Get to know him on these dates and keep them in public places.

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    Guys ask a girl he barely knows to come to his place to "relax" because he is going to try for sex. A decent guy takes a girl out on proper dates until they get to know each other better.

    He's not kidding me.

    And since when is meeting at the mall a date? It's not

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