How do you get your du'answered the way you wanted them too?

All my life I asked Allah for many things, but he crazy didn't accept them didn't know why when I really needed it to. It makes my life more sad and unbearable and now I got super done with how he just always puts it in the afterlife? I don't understand others luck with it too, getting their dua answered all time while mine is rejected to the T , I have done them for the longest time. Why he rejected all of them. So i wanted a secret on how to get them answered the way i wanted it to, though. I have been mind-controlled by a shaitan and this was my hardship and it did ruin my childhood and still us, I don't know what to do ( they can litterally talk through me and control my movements sometimes) It got really unsettling for me. I just want to Allah to actually fullfill that dua that saves my soul and gives me a better life. I don't know, does, Allah, hate me or something

I always had this problem,

or else he wouldn't have took them out by now with the ruqyah we been through before they ruin my life further, as it has.

i thought it was just a silly way if Allah saying he hates me and stuff

but what did I do? I tried contacting many sheikhs ,didn't reply.

is there anything else with tahajjud I can do to get dua fulfilled ( i also need to know)

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Why don’t you try praying 5x a day, reading Quran daily, giving to charity. Also, if you have mental health issues and you are suffering from depression then you need to see a therapist. You haven’t really explained to us what it is you want. And are you putting in the effort also or just sitting at home expecting Allah to grant you your wishes? 

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