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Scaphoid Fractures?

How can I be told 2 weeks ago I have a scaphoid fracture (X-Ray diagnose and In a cast) and now my follow up xray shows nothing?


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    The options are:  the fracture  is present but not visible in the second x-ray; or the fracture was misdiagnosed in the first x-ray. 

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    Hi. Doctors are human and they commit mistakes too. You may wish to see another doctor of another hospital for a second opinion. Just cool down and accept that life is unfair (But God is still good).

    Cool down and calm down. Life is unpredictable.

    You may wish to read up on on sprains, fractures and strains.

    Do take care when moving around. Take calcium and glucosamine supplements.


  • 4 weeks ago

    Somebody ****** up!

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