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Is the younger child the favourite ?

Everyone likes my sister more than me. 

My younger sister is always the favourite, she’s never worked hard for anything and just gets everything handed to her on a plate!!I went to uni and did my masters and she didn’t even finish college and she’s getting paid more than me! She owns her own house, is married with a family and I’m divorced and feel I’ve had the rough deal! She keeps trying to be nice to me but I want to cut her out of my life she’s two faced! How can I get the rest of the family to like me more? My parents say they always treated us the same but I feel she had it easier, she however says she got my hand me downs and always felt they liked me more. I’m really annoyed! 

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    You’re just suffering from sibling rivalry, and you married the wrong person. 

    Live your life, and stop worrying about your sister’s. You’re different people.

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  • 8 months ago

    You sound very childish.

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