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What do you do when you cosplay?

So I've recently become interested in cosplaying, and I think it looks pretty fun. The only thing is I dont know what you're actually supposed to do once you're in your costume. Pictures? Selfies? I know a girl who gets into her costumes then makes shed-loads of tiktoks. I honestly have no clue apart from that though

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    I get into cosplay to go to an event, usually the local con. 

    Once you are in costume you roleplay the character.  This is where the name cosplay comes from, its a combo of costume and roleplay - cosplay. 

    So for a character like Chi from Chobits, you are small, quiet, and not talk much other than sit there and look cute.  For a character like Naruto from the original series, you run around being obnoxious. 

    Some people do cosplay so they can take racy pics and upload them to patreon.  Others do it for things like youtube or tik tok. 

    I recommend cosplaying for a convention, its the easiest to do and you are already surrounded by other people. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You attend conventions and get your costume slammed by all the other cosplayers because your costume doesn’t look exactly like the character you’re dressing up to be. Your sash is 1 cm too long so that’s not authentic and people will point that out to you. 

    It’s a costume party. You just go to conventions to celebrate your love for games and anime. You meet other players that have the same interest. 

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