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Most scientists accept that the Dinosaurs have disappeared. However, is it possible that they're just hiding?

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    Lizards are dinosaurs.

  • It is quite clear that the non-avian dinosaurs ALL died out as a result of the asteroid impact at the end of the Cretaceous 66 million years ago. There has NOT been found a fossil of ANY non-avian dinosaur in ANY of the multitudes of strata that was laid down since that extinction, never mind the fact that no living non-avian dinosaurs have been found. (And those who answered your question with modern examples show only their ignorance as to what dinosaurs actually are.)

    Because they evolved from theropod dinosaurs, as the fossil record shows quite well (see the image of an archaeopteryx fossil below, as well as the video of a couple of other finds), birds are considered these days to be avian dinosaurs, at least by some authorities.

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    Crocodiles are a very close relative.

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    Hiding -- they  look  just like  birds.

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    They are in the Senate, on the right.

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    It always is possible that some species survive. Look at the coelocanth. And there are plenty of species alive today that scientists refuse to call dinosaurs simply because they're alive. Crocodilians and tuataras, for example. Personally, I see no reason both those reptiles don't fit the qualifications for being called dinosaurs. There is no minimum size limit, so the tuatara, which can be up to three feet long, is actually bigger than some dinosaurs.

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    Anything is possible in science, including little green men from Mars. Scientists cannot prove the negative, i.e. something does not exist or did not happen. However, they do consider whether something is probable. As Ernst Mayr points out, if after numerous aerial survey of the oceans, we do not see any evidence that the continent of Atlantis exists, then we should conclude that it does not.

    Most biologists would not waste time looking for dinosaurs that supposedly survived the mass extinction because they think that the likelihood of finding one is extremely low. Life is short and the career of a scientist is even shorter. So it is not a good idea to waste time.

    Mokele Mbembe is a mythical animal that many scientists think may be a dinosaur that survived the mass extinction but after decades of looking for it in Africa, there is no sign of such an animal. Therefore scientists think that dinosaurs are extinct. The giant meteor that struck the earth 65 million years ago not only caused the dinosaurs to become extinct, it caused a lot of other animals to be wiped out, including all enantiornithine birds, all pterosaurs, and all marine reptiles. The reason is simple, the impact packed the equivalent of 1 billion atomic bombs and created air temperatures described as oven like by geologists, and it also created world wide forest fires. All dinosaur fossils are found below the layer of soot that resulted from the fires. That means by the time the forests had finished burning, all dinosaurs had perished. Humans are lucky because our ancestors were shrew-like animals that spent most of their time underground. Since heat rises, temperature underground was cool enough for our ancestors, as well as ancestors of all living mammals, to survive.

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    Crocodile.  Surgeons.  Bees.  Horseshoe crabs.  Sea stars. Lobsters.  Duck-billed Platypuses. Green Sea Turtles. Tuatara. Birds.

    To name a few of the animals from that era still alive today.

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    BiRdS aRe DiNoSaUrS.

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    they evolved into birds

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    Someone's been reading Dilbert. 

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