What is anti- trust? ?

When to comes to a business/ company what exactly is anti- trust? What are ways to resolve? 

I tried searching but still don’t understand the concept.


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  • 8 months ago
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    Anti-Trust is another way to say anti-Monopoly.  Basically, if one company controls too much or all of a particular market, it hinders competition.  Think of the telephone system in the USA as an example.  One company started it all, but we decided to break up that company because they were so powerful, they could arbitrarily charge whatever they wanted because there was effectively no competition.  

    Anti-trust refers specifically to agreements between competitors to set pricing.  

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      It doesn't have to be monopolistic, although that makes it way easier. If there is evidence say of a whole industry raising pricing in concert solely to increase margins, that could be Anti-Trust as well.  

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