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What programming languages would be best to learn for game development?

I have already started working with Java and a small pinch of Python.

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    Eventually, you'll want to learn C/C++, and probably C# as well.  As others have said, C++ is almost *the* game programming language--if you're developing "from scratch".  I say "C/C++" because the style of C++ used in gaming is heavily tilted toward the C core that C++ was built upon.

    For now, though, focus on fundamental skills--and start with 2D games when you get into graphics.  It's a whole lot simpler in terms of code, logic, artwork, and animation.

    Java has lost popularity as a language for beginning game development since applet support has disappeared from browsers, but it's still usable for developing 2D games from scratch.

    Since you're looking at Python, one learning resource you might look at is the free-to-read online books at InventWithPython (.com).   If you've been coding in Java and have already done a bit of Python, you should breeze through the first book ("Automate the Boring Stuff with Python") and parts of the second ("Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python") which looks at text based games.  The third book ("Making Games with Python and Pygame", if you want to jump ahead) introduces 2D game development with the pygame package.

    There are some other books on the website, and they aren't really numbered sequentially, but the above 3 in order make a nice introduction to Python and game programming.  (The text seems to be written at for high-school level readers, or maybe some bright intermediate schoolers, but the cover art looks like grade school to me.  Oh well.)

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    You might look into C/C++.

    I tend to shy from it for the bloatware it produces, in more favor of assembly language.

    You try debugging C++ without source files, you are better off starting from scratch.

    Debugging assembly is just a matter of knowing the CPU instruction coding.

    And there are tools for that.

    Java and Python are both popular in the smart phone/ARM processor world.

    Firmware for LG TVs are written with Java.

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  • 8 months ago

    Hands down C++, although i dont know what you have in mind for "game developpement" (some ppl use unity or just java etc) but C++ is pretty known to be the best language for most medium-larger/large scale games.

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    8 months ago

    The C and C++ languages.

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