Into someone in an abusive relationship.?

I might not see her again. And it's ending me.


She was in a very abusive relationship that was clear even in public.

I had lots of feelings for her

I know she just wanted someone to talk and I did nothing. I'd love for that person to have been me. She would've said yes.

Taking a look back I think some other guy took that chance for me. But I don't think she has left her bf. It's hurting me regardless. She might be telling this guy how everything is going. Meeting up. 

And here I am typing this.

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  • 8 months ago
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    idk that's really sad. But yeah if you're meeting up with her and the bf knows I guarantee you shes getting abused for it so if you dont plan on helping her out or if you know she wont leave then theres nothing you can do . But in a way I guess shes lucky to have you. Theres not much you can do and depends on the level of abuse. No one deserves it but unfortunately only so much you can help with if someone doesnt want to leave for themselves

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    • Ricardo8 months agoReport

      because honestly i would have no problem helping her to get out of there no matter the consequences.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    There are different types of LOVE!

    There the "falling in LOVE" that married couples usually have. 

    There is the parent to child and child to parent LOVE.

    There is the mild social LOVE we are best to have with all people.

    There is the strong social LOVE that the closest of friends have. And maybe what she has for you. No sex to do with it!

    Then again unless a person Dose Beleive in GOD, they cannot even feel any LOVE! For LOVEs come only from and with GOD!

    Atheists cannot feel anymore than each of their own LUST for only each of their own wants!  Often not even carry if they may understand or may hurt a person! 

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  • 8 months ago

    Move on. It’s obvious she’s troubled if she’s allowing this abuse. Be thankful she’ll not be beaten as a result of getting caught talking with you. You can’t protect her until she realizes she needs help.

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