Issue with an landlord - unsure what to do ?

Hi Guys,

We have an issue with our current landlord.

We rented the place and the house looked ok, however council advised landlord to carry out some work and change electricity cables ( shortly after we moved in ) during this work carpets, walls and ceilings got damaged but landlord did not action anything in addition to this work on going for 2 months the house was a construction site and we were paying full rent and felt like we were tricked in this. 

After the work, landlord did nothing to the house no repairs even tough the house was a disaster and looked like the construction site, my parents had trust in the landlord and spoke to her she assured us that the contract we signed at a time ( 6 months) would be for us and this would be extended with no changes to rent... ( we pay £2,700 for 5 bed house far from central side ) 

My family after having the discussion with the landlord decided to go ahead and do some repairs, ''some'' repairs resulted into us spending endless amount of work and money  in the resources such as carpets, paint, plasters etc, the house looks great now but the issue is our contract has expired - she's immediately making a fuss about increasing the rent and asks for more deposit then we already paid. 

I guess, she's trying to terminate our contract in the end so she could have the house re-rented for a higher price - is there anything we can do and any legal action we can take ? we have evidence of most things and how the house looked also

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Unless you have the non increase in rent in writing the landlord can increase the rent by just giving one months notice to do so,

    When you move into a rental property, the landlord will most likely ask for a security deposit, which protects the landlord while you live at his property. When you decide to renew your lease, the landlord may ask you for an additional security deposit, but he must follow certain laws when doing so.

    You as the tenant needs written permission from the landlord to do any work on the rental house if you didn't get that the landlord can assume these 'repairs', work, 'improvements' as damage and you can be charged for them... any money of yours you spend on anything with permission the 'improvements' belong to the landlord, so you can't take them with you and it also 'improves' to desirability of the property to attract a higher rent... once your AST is up the landlord can give you notice to leave or increase your rent ( and security deposit) so it is up to you if you sign another AST or leave and find somewhere else to rent

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Make an urgent appointment with your local Citizen's Advice Bureau before saying anything to the Landlord.

    Unfortunately rents do go up in response to general inflation, higher inflation in contractors fees and unexpectedly high maintenance costs. She's running a business and it needs to make a profit.

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    You should never have spent your own money renovating the house, it was her property not yours.

    If you don't want to pay the increase in rent then you will have to move.

    Not sure about the deposit, you need to talk to CAB.


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